How Load Sound into Motif XF ?

1. Insert your USB device into your computer’s available USB slot. Its icon should appear on your desktop.
3. Copy the “.X0A” file to your USB device’s icon (by either dragging the file directly to the icon, or going to your file menu and choosing “Copy” and “To” and selecting the USB device as your destination).
4. When the file has copied completely to your USB device, properly eject the USB device and insert it in the slot labeled “TO DEVICE” on the rear panel of your Motif XS. You will see a screen message that says “Connecting to USB device…”
5. Press the FILE button on the front panel of the Motif. You should see the field next to “Type” highlighted and it should be set to “all”.
6. Press the cursor up button once, then use the INC/YES button to select the “.XOA” file. Press the right cursor button once, so the “Type” field is highlighted again, then press the right cursor button again to move to and highlight the field next to “Load USR”. Use either the INC/YES button or the Data Wheel to change the field so it reads “USR” (if it does not say “USR” already).
7. Press the SF2 button (Load). Then press the INC/YES button once.
8. The library will start loading (you’ll see an onscreen message saying “Now Loading..”) When the loading process is complete, you will be returned to the FILE screen.
9. Press the VOICE button on the Motif, then Press the User 4 bank button, and press A01 to select the first voice. Enjoy.

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