Why is there only one sound for Kontakt and EXS24 samplers

Kontakt & EXS24 has got only one preset : the mainpatch, he sounds exactly like the Motif’s mainpatch.
EXS24 or Kontakt don’t manage the presets like a Hardware (like Motif or Kronos).
With Hardware, it’s very easy to create a patch, you edit your sound and you save it on a user bank.
With Software, you can edit the sound on sampler but on the host application too (Logic Audio or MainStage).
For example :
-if you want create “A08 : Disco Strings ( w/o falls ) » motif preset, the best way is to change the velocity range on mainstage , not on exs24 or Kontakt
-If you want to “2 Octaves” , load 2 EXS24 on 2 different tracks and up the second one to +12 1/2t.
You can recreate all the 8 presets because they are all variations of the mainpatch. it depends on your way to work.
Rhodes ans Wurlitzer have got one preset too for EXS24 & Kontakt because only FX change : -the motif FX engine is not the same like the MainStage FX !

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