XF Sounds are compatible with the MODX ?

Yes, as same as MONTAGE, MODX is fully compatible with the Yamaha MOTIF XF /MOXFsynthesizer. MODX has 1 GB flash ROM for user waveforms. The following data can be loaded to MODX6/MODX7/MODX8 among all MOTIF XS6/MOTIF XS7/MOTIF XS8 data.
Please note that the data is loaded as “User File” or “Library File.”.X0A User Voice, User Performance, User Arpeggio, User Waveform
AllVoice (All Voice) .X0V User Voice, User Waveform
AllArp (All Arpeggio).X0G User Arpeggio
AllWaveform (All Waveform) .X0W User Waveform

Please check the official Yamaha Link


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