BPM to ms & Samples Calculator

BPM to ms,  Samples and Hz Calculator. Conversion Beats per minute to milliseconds, samples & hertz, depending on the audio sample rate.

Choose BPM and Sample Rate

Precision Convertor : enter BPM and Sample Rate

Two sample calculators developed by Keyboardwaves to help you work on mixing, tempo and samples : find note and sample durations, time calculation for delay and echo, by sample frequencies and BPM.
To make yourMusic production sound professionally, the time of a reverb, delay, or modulation effect should be set to match the tempo of the music. The final rendering will be more consistent.
In order to make your life easier, we have programmed a tool which calculates the different musical values of a tempo for you. The results are expressed in milliseconds and in samples for the configuration of your modulations.

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2 years ago

I don’t have the ratios memorized yet, so this little script has been incredibly useful. THANK YOU!!!!

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