Disco Strings

 Real Samples of Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, D Basse) mixed to make an original sound “playable” on keyboard. Disco Strings has a very fast attack for a very fast play. (See Demo on Youtube)

  • Forte : String Falls (articulation commonly used in disco charts).
  • Mezzo : Fast attack and long sustain.
  • Piano : Long attack and long sustain.
  • 2 “attack” samples in random mode for a different attack with each keystroke.
  • Tremolo Samples ( controlled via MW for Motif and Kontakt).

8 user sounds for Motif XF  & XS :

A01 : Disco Strings ( with falls )
A02 : Attack Strings
A03 : Super Strings
A04 : Falls Strings
A05 : Tremolo Strings
A06 : Arco Strings
A07 : Slow Strings
A08 : Disco Strings ( w/o falls )

Control :

Velocity = Attack and Falls
MW = Tremolo
Assignable Fonction 1 = 2 Octaves
Ribbon = Reverb

(The controllers  “Assignable Fonction & Ribbon” are only valid with the Yamaha Motif, obviously)

Formats :

The Formats are available for :

  • Yamaha Motif XF
  • Yamaha Motif XS
  • Korg Kronos
  • EXS24 (Logic Pro & Mainstage)
  • Nord Stage 2
  • Kontakt by Native Instrument (Kontakt v.2 min)

Installation :

  1. Download File.
  2. Unzip file.
  3. Load the File on your Keyboard or Plugin.

(for more information on the installation, see the FAQ section)

Note :

Patch A01 : Disco Strings ( with falls ) available for Kontakt (Native Instrument) and EXS24 (Apple) formats.

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1 month ago

Is there a version of the Disco Strings for the Nord Electro 6D, please?

4 months ago

Does this work with the Yamaha s90es or yamaha yc?

. gom
. gom
8 months ago


Is there any difference between the product at this URL and this product?
I hope someone can tell me!

9 months ago

Hello! Do you require the memory expansion card to load them to motifXf?

Harri Gottschalk
Harri Gottschalk
1 year ago

can that sound be played with a pitch bend wheel? Can i pithc bend it while playing like in oriental string melodies? Thanks, Harri

Håkan Norlin
Håkan Norlin
2 years ago

I bought the disco strings and Phoenix brass for EXS24 and I guess I can manually export/import them into my new Yamaha Modx. But it would be much simpler if I could buy the sounds with some kind of discount. Is that possible ?

5 months ago
Reply to  Håkan Norlin

For the modx you need to buy the motif samples..

Samuel Richard
Samuel Richard
2 years ago

Hi ! Thank you so much for this.This is definitely the sound i was looking for. I just had a couple questions for the kontakt version. I’ve tried without success to reproduce the presets that the other versions have ; A01 : Disco Strings ( with falls ), A02 : Attack Strings, A03 : Super Strings, A04 : Falls Strings, A05 : Tremolo Strings, A06 : Arco Strings, A07 : Slow Strings, A08 : Disco Strings ( w/o falls )

I would LOVE to be able to add tremolos and falls to my strings for certain projects i’m working on ! I read all the comments on here and went on the FAQ and even tho it is explained in certain of the comments, I can’t seem to obtain any results on the DAW that i’m using. ( I’m using FL studio). Is it possible to recreate these presets on kontakt and be able to use them on a DAW and if so, how could I achieve it ? Thanks so much for your help 🙂 !!

2 years ago

Please prepare version for Yamaha Montage/MODX?


3 years ago

I have a midi usb controller and Yamaha cs6x. Can I use this with either. I wish this was available for iOS.


3 years ago

On my iphone / ipad I easily imported the disco strings for EXS24 with the app AudioLayer and can play them live. Excellent ! 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  christian_kel

That sounds amazing. How did you get the EXS24 files into the ipad or iphone – audio share?

3 years ago
Reply to  gareth

You Need the esx24 sampler from logic or mainstage.
There go to the edit Button .
Here you can export the esx24 DiscoStrings over the iCloud in the folder of the iOS App „AudioLayer „.
AudioLayer can direct open most esx24 patches without Problem.
Best regards, Chris

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