After purchase, I don’t receive any email ?

Check your Spam Box if you do not receive the confirmation e-mail.

The Sounds, are they downloadable immediately after purchase ?

Yes, Downloading is faster, extremely simple and immediately usable. You can find the invoice for your product at the bottom of your download page, a blue link titled “View invoice for your purchase. You have access to your purchases any time, anywhere.

Why is there only one sound for Kontakt and EXS24 samplers

Kontakt & EXS24 has got only one preset : the mainpatch, he sounds exactly like the Motif’s mainpatch.
EXS24 or Kontakt don’t manage the presets like a Hardware (like Motif or Kronos).
With Hardware, it’s very easy to create a patch, you edit your sound and you save it on a user bank.
With Software, you can edit the sound on sampler but on the host application too (Logic Audio or MainStage).
For example :
-if you want create “A08 : Disco Strings ( w/o falls ) » motif preset, the best way is to change the velocity range on mainstage , not on exs24 or Kontakt
-If you want to “2 Octaves” , load 2 EXS24 on 2 different tracks and up the second one to +12 1/2t.
You can recreate all the 8 presets because they are all variations of the mainpatch. it depends on your way to work.
Rhodes ans Wurlitzer have got one preset too for EXS24 & Kontakt because only FX change : -the motif FX engine is not the same like the MainStage FX !

Why Kontakt is in Demo mode and stop working after 15 minutes ?

All products are 100% functional. These aren’t demos !
If Kontakt indicates a demo mode is that you use an unregistered or free version.
Please, use a registered version of Kontact (Kontakt 3.5 minimum) to enjoy the sounds.

DON’T USE KONTAKT PLAYER ! this is a free program for sound libraries from native instruments.

XF Sounds are compatible with the MODX ?

Yes, as same as MONTAGE, MODX is fully compatible with the Yamaha MOTIF XF /MOXFsynthesizer. MODX has 1 GB flash ROM for user waveforms. The following data can be loaded to MODX6/MODX7/MODX8 among all MOTIF XS6/MOTIF XS7/MOTIF XS8 data.
Please note that the data is loaded as “User File” or “Library File.”.X0A User Voice, User Performance, User Arpeggio, User Waveform
AllVoice (All Voice) .X0V User Voice, User Waveform
AllArp (All Arpeggio).X0G User Arpeggio
AllWaveform (All Waveform) .X0W User Waveform

Please check the official Yamaha Link

XF Sounds are compatible with the MOXF?

Yes, if you installed a Flash Board
You must redirect the data from a Motif XF File where the Voices might be contained in the Motif XF’s USER 4 Bank to one of the three available USER VOICE banks of the MOXF.

Here the instructions for load sound into MOXF.

How Load Sound into Motif XF ?

1. Insert your USB device into your computer’s available USB slot. Its icon should appear on your desktop.
3. Copy the “.X0A” file to your USB device’s icon (by either dragging the file directly to the icon, or going to your file menu and choosing “Copy” and “To” and selecting the USB device as your destination).
4. When the file has copied completely to your USB device, properly eject the USB device and insert it in the slot labeled “TO DEVICE” on the rear panel of your Motif XS. You will see a screen message that says “Connecting to USB device…”
5. Press the FILE button on the front panel of the Motif. You should see the field next to “Type” highlighted and it should be set to “all”.
6. Press the cursor up button once, then use the INC/YES button to select the “.XOA” file. Press the right cursor button once, so the “Type” field is highlighted again, then press the right cursor button again to move to and highlight the field next to “Load USR”. Use either the INC/YES button or the Data Wheel to change the field so it reads “USR” (if it does not say “USR” already).
7. Press the SF2 button (Load). Then press the INC/YES button once.
8. The library will start loading (you’ll see an onscreen message saying “Now Loading..”) When the loading process is complete, you will be returned to the FILE screen.
9. Press the VOICE button on the Motif, then Press the User 4 bank button, and press A01 to select the first voice. Enjoy.

How Load Sound into EXS24 ?
  1. After Download :Dezip File
  2. Move the Sampler Instruments to /home/current_user/Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments
  3. Move the Samples folders to /home/current_user/Music/Audio Music Apps/Samples
  4. Open MainStage
  5. Load SAMPLER (multi-sample)
  6. Load “Keyboard Waves” Sounds

(Old Version :
-Dezip file.
-Copy “.exs” file to : Macintosh HD ▸ Library ▸ Application Support ▸ Logic ▸ Sampler Instruments.
-Copy the “Sound” folder to : Macintosh HD ▸ Library ▸ Application Support ▸ Logic ▸ EXS Factory Samples.
-Open Logic Audio.)
-Open EXS24.
-Update Menu.
-Load your new sound.

How Load Sound into Kronos ?
  1. Copy the files into the kronos Hard disk or USB Key.
  2. Select the file on preload.
  3. Load the KSC file and check “on” for load PGM too.
  4. The Presets are located in user G.
Problems with payments ?

PayPal requires you to have the currency set up to receive the payment.
To set the options for blocking this type of payment:
Log in to your PayPal account at https://www.paypal.com.
The My Account Overview page opens.
Click the Profile subtab.
The Profile Summary page opens.
In the Selling Preferences column, click the Payment Receiving Preferences link.
The Payment Receiving Preferences page opens.
Scroll down the page to the Block payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold section as shown below.

Select one of the following options:
Yes – Accept the payment regardless of the currency in which the payment is made.
No, accept them and convert them to U.S. Dollars – Accept the payment, but automatically converts to U.S. Dollars.
Ask Me – Choose whether to accept or deny payment in a currency you do not currently hold on a transaction-by-transaction basis. If you accept the payment, it becomes a completed transaction. If you deny a particular payment, the sender of the payment is notified that the payment has been denied and is credited with the payment amount. PayPal does not charge fees for denied payments.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.