5 Ways To Send Your Keyboards Mix

I will describe the different ways I used to send my keyboard mixes to the stage mixer.

1 – The Classic Stereo Mix

All your keyboards are mixed through a mixer, a audio interface or a virtual application.

Pros :

  • Easy to set up
  • Respect of your mix

Cons :

  • No possibility to act on your sounds for the sound engineer.

2- The Simple 2 X 2 Keyboards

2 X 2 Keyboards Mix

Pros :

  • Easy to set up
  • Possibility of acting on each keyboards for the audio engineer.

Cons :

  • Double cables and inputs
  • Need Mixer or Monitoring system

3 – The Efficient 2 x 2 Mix Bus : Piano vs Synth

Pros :

  • Dissociates the piano sound from synth sounds
  • Easy to use by the band

Cons :

  • Double cables and inputs
  • Complex rooting (need audio interface or digital mixer)

4 – The Fine 2 x 2 Mix Bus : Comping vs Lead Sounds

2 x 2 MIXBUS Comping & Lead

Mainstage 2 MIXBUS

Pros :

  • Dissociates the important sound (Lead) from the other (Comping).
  • Easy to use for the audio engineer.

Cons :

  • Double cables and inputs
  • Very Complex rooting.

5 – The Multi-Outputs (8 or More…)

One Sound = One Track

Each Keyboard Sound is send on individual stereo bus. The best way is to carry signal thru a Multi output format (ADAT, MADI, DANTE, AVB…).

Pros :

  •  Possibility of acting on each sound for the audio engineer

Cons :

  • Very Hard Complex rooting.
  • Need Multiple output and multicore audio
  • Need Many Inputs on the patch

Equalizer and Compressor on Synth Bus

Classic Keyboard EQ Mix

On Mix Outputs : I always insert Eq with Low Cut Filter to 50hz and a High Cut Filter to 16Khz with gentle slope of 12dB/oct to clean the extreme frequencies of the signal.

You can insert a Compressor to prevent peaks and enhance the low levels. Keyboards levels will be easier to mix. My favorite Preset : The low compression. Low Threshold -20dB or below , Low Ratio 1.4:1 Max, Knee to the Max for a soft & progressive response.

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