New Video of Phoenix Brass For Nord Keyboards

Phoenix Brass Converted For Nord Keyboards.

6 NSMP Files For Nord Sample Library :

  • PhoenixBrass.nsmp
  • PhoenixShaker.nsmp
  • Unison Piano
  • Unison Mezzo
  • Unison Forte
  • Sax Section

8 Ns2p For Nord Stage 2 :

  • Phoenix Brass
  • Phoenix Unison
  • Phoenix Uni P MW
  • Phoenix Uni F MW
  • Sax Section
  • Phoenix Octave P
  • Phoenix Octave M
  • Phoenix Octave F
  • Shaker Trp
  • Sax Sect Octave

Adress Samples :

  1. Samp Lib 121 PhoenixShaker
  2. Samp Lib 122 Unison Piano
  3. Samp Lib 123 Unison Mezzo
  4. Samp Lib 124 Unison Forte
  5. Samp Lib 125 Sax Section

Phoenix Brass resampled from the SPDIF output of Motif XF.
The Files were edited and looped (4 secs) with Nord Sample Editor.

Compatible Products
Nord Stage 2 EX v1.00+
Nord Stage 2 v1.00+
Nord Piano 2 v1.00+
Nord Electro 5 v1.00+
Nord Electro 4 v1.00+
Nord Electro 3 v1.16+
Nord Wave v2.02+

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7 months ago

Hi, Is there a Nord Stage 4 version available soon ?

Artie Campbell
Artie Campbell
6 years ago

Has anyone ever used a sustain pedal for the Hammond B3 sounds on an Nord Electro5D . It work for me on the electro3 when I mini through a Yamaha MOXF

Artie Campbell
Artie Campbell
6 years ago

Hi, uploaded the Phoenix Brass to my Kronos SL this past weekend and for some reason it removed my Hammond B3 sounds from my UG bank and removed the sounds from the German and Japanese grand pianos. Do anyone have any explanation of what went wrong in the download process.

Harold Campbell
Harold Campbell
6 years ago

Hi I just download the Phoenix Brass for my Nord electro5D on 1/25/18 can someone explain how I go about getting the brass sounds into my keyboard. I just want to know what is the best procedure to load the sounds into my Nord electro5D. Thanks I await your reply.

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