Prevent the sustain pedal from slipping

Un conseil utile que j’ai appris de mon ami Roland Jean, le pianiste / claviériste de Demis Roussos.

Tips : Sustain pedal prevent slipping

Rigid elastic under the pedal to prevent it from slipping.
I’ve always had this problem with my pedals slipping under the keyboard. If I forgot to “blunder”, they go back. Sometimes I had to slip under my stand to bring them back to their place.

Prevent the sustain pedal from slipping

The principle of this trick is the same as that of the Wurlitzer sustain pedal with its long metal strip at the front which sits under your foot. The heel blocks the band and prevents the pedal from moving forward with each press. The principle is simple, “mechanical” and above all immediate, even on slippery floors such as tiling.
Wurlitzer Sustain Pedal

I bought a single 40cm rigid rubber band from a hardware store that I stuck under the sustain pedal. It can also be screwed on but remember to stick a felt on the head of the screw to avoid scratching the floor. You won’t need to gaff duct tape or waste money on ineffective anti-slip.
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Matthew Milford
Matthew Milford
6 years ago

Take off your shoes. If you play in your socks, you’ll feel it slip and be able to recover it!

8 months ago

I’ve found that taking off my shoes (with or without socks) keeps my sustain peddle from slipping at all.
putting a circled piece of gaffing tape on the bottom of the peddle helps as well.
Having said that, that’ll get you by. But I want one of these peddles. All sustain peddles should be built like this one.

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