Rhoditzer Special Edition for Motif XS


This library consists of 80 new user voices, utilizing over 450Mo of new vintage electric keyboard samples. This library requires an optional flashboard installed on Motif XF.

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Product Description

Electric Piano library sampled by Keyboard Waves


  •  Format: ALL (.X0A)
  •  Name: Rhoditzer.X0A
  •  Size: 451.8MB
  •  SDRAM OK: Library requires DIMM Memory
  •  Voices: 80 User Voices, 32 Rhodes + 32 Wurlitzer + 16 Rhoditzer
  •  Bank loads to: User Bank 1


The Fender Rhodes Mark II is a Model of 1981 ans has the serial number 785144. The Wurlitzer Model 200a is 113559L. These 2 electric pianos are “in juice” and haven’t modifications. Only a tuning and tines settings have been made. These 2 vintage keyboards were sampled thru DI box and recorded with MOTU Ultralite Pre Amp Mic in 44Khz, 24bits. Each note was played at 8 to 11 different velocities (from ppp to fff). Then they were cut, looped and converted for Motif.


A01 to B16 : 32 «RHODES MARK II» Voices

C01 to D16 : 32 «WURLITZER» 200a Voices

E01 to E16 : 16 «RHODITZER» Voices (a hybrid of two previous electric pianos. This sound is exclusively available in this collection.)

These voices are not only a mix of the two collections “Rhodes Mark II” & “Wurlitzer 200a” by KeyboardWaves. All original samples were all « re-looped » and have a long natural sustain. All Waveforms are in 44,1Khz Now. Starting patchs were completely reworked to improve the similarity with the originals. Furthermore, against 8 voices, the collection has got 80 voices now. You can also play with the Rhoditzer a «hybrid» electric piano.


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