ESS for EXS24


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  • More than 64 “Must Have” sounds for EXS24 (MainStage & Logic Pro)
  • 270 Mo of New Samples
  • Dezip & Open The MainStage Concert File : “Essential Synth Sounds”

To save for any concert or project :

  • Right click on the concert file and Show Package Contents
  • Move the Sampler Instruments and Samples folders to Music/Audio Music Apps
  • Open MainStage
  • Load EXS24
  • Load ESS Sound

Dark Bass
Fuzz Bass
Growl SynBass
Grunt SynBass
Hybrid Bass
Model Bass
Pick Bass
Sub Bass

Bell Pad
Bells Fresh
Clean Bells
Mirror Bells

Chorus Brass
Decay Brass
Fat Brass
Hyper Saw
Jump Brass
Juno 106 Brass
Nord Brass

DX7 Fulltines
Rhodes FM
Soft EP FM
Wooden Wurly DX7

BIG 4 Deepest
BIG 4 Dry
BIG 4 Wet
Boom FX
Reverse Piano
Scratch Stop

Hit Orchestra
Hit Orchestra 1
Hit Orchestra 2
Hit Orchestra 3

Dirty Lead
Full Saw Lead
Hook Lead
LFO Fat Lead
Prime Lead
Tower Lead

Church Organ
FM Organ
Fool Organ
House Organ

Analo Pad
Background Pad
Boom Pad
Burn Pad
Choirs Pad
Cosmic Pad
Dark Pad
Ice Pad
Mighty Pad
Stringy Pad

Bang Pluck
Clean Pluck
Fast Pluck
Fat Pluck
Flat Pluck
LeanOn Pluck
Max Pluck

Fifth Pulse
Reso Amp Poly
Sun Percu
Wood DX7

Vox 1
Vox 2
Vox 3

Revisions 1.1 :

  • Samples trimed for more space
  • Sounds Updates


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